A 22nd Birthday Gift of a Lifetime

On August 12th, 2013 I was concluding a birthday weekend in Los Angeles with two of the most special people in my life when we made a life changing decision. Instead of immediately deciding to return to Santa Barbara after we checked out of our hotel on the last day, my fiancée, my friend Danielle and I decided to stay for an extra day in LA and hit up Micky’s Night Club for their weekly drag show, “Showgirls“.


We spent the day at the Santa Monica Pier and we had lunch at Mariasol, a Mexican restaurant right at the edge of the pier. To put it shortly, it was a very negative experience, but you can read about it on my review for the restaurant. After eating, we spent the rest of the day at the Santa Monica Mall before driving over to West Hollywood.


As there was a cover and it is LA, we left fairly early from Santa Monica and drove over to West Hollywood. We parked in a public lot just behind the West Hollywood Library (which has validated parking). As we had arrived about five hours prior to show time, we indulged in a little bit of pasta and walked up and down the streets before heading over to Micky’s at about 8:30 (two hours before show time).


As we were there so early on a Monday night, there was little going on. We made our way over to the stage area they set up weekly for the drag show to take some seats and wait until the beginning of the show. Shortly after we sat, one of the employees came over and told us we had to move because the seats that we had taken were reserved (we did not know by who at this point).


Instead he directed us towards three seats in a row perpendicular to the catwalk that the Drag Queens would be performing on. As we settled in to wait (no drinking for me as I was the one who would be driving us back to Santa Barbara later that night), there was little to do but talk and watch The Descent play on the tvs around the bar that would later be used to broadcast the show.


At around 15 minutes before the show was set to begin, the venue was nearly full. All of the seats were taken save those that were “reserved” and a single message flashed across the tv screens around the club: “Lady Gaga will be not be filming for her Applause lyric video at Mickys tonight”.


The show started with my all time favorite Queen from RuPaul’s Drag Race, Raven!


While we thought that meant one of the queens would be doing a Lady Gaga impersonation, we were not prepared for Mother Monster’s entrance when she came in towards the end of the lipsync of the second performer. We were blown away that Lady Gaga herself was there!!!


And sure enough, she sat in the seats where we had originally tried to sit. Shortly after she settled in and the next performance began, she got up out of her seat and began to walk around the entire roped off area filming both the show and the audience. Two Drag Performers, Courtney Act and Shangela, came in with her and did a lypsync performance to the newest song that she was filming for, Applause.


Courtney Act, Shangela, and Gaga

Halfway through each show, Raven (the MC for the show) calls up people who are celebrating a birthday that week for a birthday shot. As I had seen Raven the night before on my actual birthday, she said to me, “it’s your birthday, we are celebrating all week-long“.


After a lady and me were on stage, Lady Gaga said that she wanted to sing Happy Birthday to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And of course, everyone else had a birthday after that. I have to say they did check all the peoples’ ids to make sure they did indeed have a birthday, but after they did, Lady Gaga proceeded to sing Happy Birthday!


Lady Gaga Singing Happy Birthday

Lady Gaga Singing Happy Birthday

Following the birthday song, the original lady who I came on stage with turned to me and said, “it isn’t right that all these other people are up here too. They only came up here because Lady Gaga was going to sing, you should get a birthday hug!”


She then pushed her way through the crowd for us and ask a woman I later learned was Gaga’s sister, “We were up there before any of those other people, can he get a hug”?

And while Gaga’s sister shook her head no, Mother Monster opened her arms and I got the most exciting birthday hug I have ever received in my entire life!!!!!!!


My birthday hug from Lady Gaga

My birthday hug from Lady Gaga

After the Birthday Halftime, the night proceeded with more shows by the drag performers Raven, Shannel, Morgan McMichaels, Detox, and Landon Cider.  I could not believe the amazingness of the night!! One week later, Lady Gaga released the Official Lyric Video to her song Applause. The video contains footage from the night featuring yours truly!!!!! Undoubtedly, this will always be one of the most memorable birthday experiences I will ever have!


(I’m in the bottom right hand of the screen)


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