Berlin HWT

The weekend after the London show (click to read about it), I bought a ticket to go to Within Temptation‘s show in Berlin on the Hydra World Tour (click to read about my experiences on the tour). The show was on Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014. Because I was living in Germany at this time, it was very easy to make the arrangements to go to Berlin for the show.


I used the Berlin Linien Bus to get to Berlin. It was only 9€. I booked the show/trip one month before but it was Easter Weekend so I was only able to get a late bus that left Hamburg at 21:00 and arrived in Berlin at the ZOB just past midnight. Unlike London, the Berlin Sbahn and Ubahn service runs well into the late hours of the night. After my arrival, I proceeded to make my way across Berlin to my hostel, Corner Hostel.

The hostel was a nice one. I stayed in a dorm with five or six bunk beds. There was one bathroom to service the entire downstairs (and a room with the same layout as mine next to it), but that proved to be a non-problem as I woke up at 6 to get across Berlin for the concert. Unlike the Dover Castle shower, the shower and general bathroom facilities at Corner Hostel were much better. The water pressure was great, the water was hot and the bathroom was generally big and for the 24€ for the two nights it was a good deal.



I left around 6:30 am on Easter Sunday to go wait in line. Like the Hamburg show two weeks before, I was the first one in line again!!! SCORE!!!! The set up at C-Halle was nice because there was a main entrance for the patrons and next to it was a gate for the tour trucks/buses of the performers. After about an hour of waiting there alone, a couple of girls from Italy arrived.


Like Hamburg, the crowd was very slow coming, but that was their loss. The ten or so people who were there before noon were in for a big treat! We got to watch the tour buses and trucks arrive and see many of the band members walking around. Personally, I got to take pictures with Charlotte and Timo from Delain!!


That day was so hot for a late April day in Germany. There was no shade where we were waiting and the sun was shining on us for a good part of the day. But that did not deter the excitement of the crowd!!


Eventually the line was divided with dividers made for the specific entrances into the hall and I got to stand at the front of one of them!!! The Italy girls were at the front of the other two! They prefered a different spot of the front row from me, so it worked out perfectly!


They let us in an hour before the show and I made it to the front and center spot on the stage. After the grand space of the Wembley Arena, the Berlin venue was quite small, but cozy. The Wembley stage and cat walk was very tall which would have made being front and center there difficult to see the whole show. At the Berlin arena, the stage was not as tall and being front and center was perfect for taking pictures and videos!!!


Again, Delain opened for Within Temptation. This was my third time seeing them play, and they had really begun to grow on me. They have such a great stage presence and charisma. Plus their music is great for getting your adrenaline going! I have a soft spot for the single off their new album the Human Contradiction, Stardust.


After eight songs, the stage was cleared and in 20 minutes, Within Temptation was on stage.

The Berlin show was great for being close to the stage, but the venue was really hot with no free water for the people in the front row. After being in the sun all day, I came close to passing out at one point. Nonetheless, that did not stop me from enjoying the magic of Within Temptation.



Overall, the show ranks as one of the favorites I have been to. The music was great, and they did a special acoustic cover of their song, Sinéad:



The pictures from the night were AMAZING!!!!


After the show was over, I got to go and meet Charlotte, Timo, Sander, and Martijn from Delain and take pictures with Timo and Sander.


Then it was time for the real waiting. Because the tour bus went in and out of the side entrance next to the patron entrance, several fans from the fan club “Dark Wings” and myself ended up waiting hoping for the chance to meet some of the band members of Within Temptation. Around 3 AM, Sharon, Ruud and Stefan came out to sign things and take pictures with the fans (I got my Hydra box set signed in silver)!!! It was AMAZING!!! Especially considering that they had a 24 hour bus ride to France for the next part of their tour. It was very gracious of them to take a little time for us fans after the show.



The next day I had a fairly early bus to get back to Hamburg, but my Easter weekend in Berlin was an AMAZING one!


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