Amsterdam HWT pt. 1

My next stop of Within Temptation‘s Hydra World Tour (click to read about the other shows I went to), was for the finale of the European leg of the tour at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam, Nl. This weekend consisted of two shows, the first on Friday May 2, 2014 and the second on Saturday May 3, 2014.


Originally, I had planned to only attend the second show. The first show was sold out in a manner of weeks after the tour was announced, so Within Temptation arranged an encore show for the following night (May 3). So I had originally bought my ticket to arrive in Amsterdam on Friday afternoon, see the city and then attend the concert the next day. But after my amazing experience at the Wembley Arena/London show and the show in Berlin, I knew I had to do whatever I could to attend both Amsterdam shows!!!


So I began to search the internet hoping to find somebody willing to sell their ticket. I got lucky and bought a ticket for only 20€ more than the original price. But that left me with the problem of figuring out my transportation since I had already bought the tickets to get to Amsterdam and I decided two days before I was supposed to leave (on Wednesday) that I wanted to attend the Friday show.


Hotel Adolesce

Hotel Adolesce

Conceding that I would not be able to wait early in the morning the way I normally liked to, I decided to stick with my ticket (I was supposed to arrive at 14:53).I thought I would then find my hotel, Hotel Adolesce, and proceed to wait in line and get a spot further back. I thought that it would be a nice change in experience since I normally have only been in the front row of a Within Temptation concert, and I thought I would be able to appreciate the overall aesthetics and appearance of the show better further back.




Amsterdam Centraal


When Friday came, I got on the train at the Hauptbahnhof (central station) in Hamburg and made my way for Amsterdam Centraal (central station). But like a fool, I got off two stops before Amsterdam because I was confused by the names of the exits on train in the Netherlands. I then had to wait an extra half-hour for the next train and was then late for my transfer train. So instead of arriving in Amsterdam at just before 15:00, I got there just after 16:00.


With the concert in mind, I tried to get myself to the hotel as quickly as possible. And I am notoriously bad at finding my way around a new city, google directions or not. I finally found my hotel (after walking down the wrong direction of the street for about a half-hour) and unpacked by 17:15. The doors were going to open at 18:30 (I think), and I just wanted to get to the concert. So I returned to the metro station that I disembarked at to get to my hotel and was delighted to find there was a line that went directly to Heineken Music Hall!


It was pretty awesome to get to the line. Like I said, I am normally the first one in line (or really close to it), so I thought it was really cool to see the line for the sold-out show with so many people dressed in Within Temptation fan-gear! I then had the great idea to take a picture of the long line with all the fans. And when I decided to do that, I noticed that there were two lines for general admission coming from the double door entrance.


The majority of people were in the line going from the doors to the metro station (the direction from which I came). I guess most people saw the long line, and just got in. But when I moved to take a picture of the line, I saw that there were two lines and that the second line had maybe 20-30 people maximum!!! I instantly walked over and got in that line.


After I got in that line, more people began to line up behind me. As I was waiting in that line, I found out that Within Temptation was planning to film the show. I was so excited when I heard that (and I am in the DVD Let us Burn)!


They let us in at 19:30. Despite the fact that I arrived so late, I was able to still be in the second row, in the front/center position with two shorter girls in front of me. So basically, my view was front row! The girls in front of me were awesome enough to let me put my jacket on the rail in front of them so I was able to fully enjoy the show.


I was sad because this weekend marked the last weekend that Delain would be opening for Within Temptation.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The two were such a great combo. Delain’s music wonderfully complements Within Temptation, but it still has its own unique dimension.

The Delain portion of the show came to an end after eight songs and the set we cleared for the pending entrance of Within Temptation!

Sadly, you will have to check my next post for videos of Within Temptation in Amsterdam because the battery for my video camera died, but please enjoy the montage of photos below!


After the lights came back on, I was able to get pictures with all the members of Delain!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


And a couple of hours after that, the band members of Within Temptation came out to thank the fans (the Dragons). It was really awesome because I got to take pictures with Mike, Ruud, Jeroen, Sharon and even ROBERT WESTERHOLT (an original founder of the band, but now only appears in live shows from time to time).



Click here to read about the Amsterdam show the next day!

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