Amsterdam HWT pt. 2

After the first Amsterdam show (click to read all about it) of the Hydra World Tour, I went to bed late (3 am.), but still arrived early for the show the following day, Saturday May 3, 2014. Thankfully, my hotel, Hotel Adolesce, was just a short metro ride away from the legendary Heineken Music Hall.


I think I got to the show at about 7:30 am to find my two friends from Italy that I had met at the Berlin concert on this tour, and I sat with them while several workers from the hall put up posters advertising the show that night.


The worker only had one spare poster, and he gave it to the girls. But he said that if I wanted one, I could ask for one of the ones that they placed out after the show. A little while later, the crew members for the music hall came out and set up the barriers through which the crowd would be later funneled. I was at the front of my little line and the two Italian girls moved to the front of two other lines.


As the day went on, a few very dedicated fans (Dragons) arrived in groups of twos and threes up till the afternoon. That is when the real line started to form. And like the night before, there was going to be two lines for admission. And like the night before, people where only lining up for one line.


The doors opened at 18:30 and it was a mad rush for the front. The advantage of going to both concerts was I knew exactly where to go once the doors opened hehe! And for the second sold out/filmed show of the finale of Within Temptation‘s Hydra World Tour, I managed to get the front and center spot!


The show started at 20:00 with the awesome band Delain!

There set was really great and it even included a surprise!!

They included their song Tell Me, Mechanist, featuring George Oosthoek!!

Sadly, there set came to a close after eight songs. One of the best things about Delain opening for Within Temptation on this concert tour was getting to know their music and experience it live. I had known about Delain for a couple of years, but had never really bothered to get to know their music.

Thankfully, I was able to hear them live five times, and I fell more and more in love with them each time! I am so excited for the chance to see them in their own headline show!


Speaking of headliners, Within Temptation came on at 21:00.

The crowd was packing just as much energy as the night before, and you could tell that Within Temptation was really picking up on the enthusiasm!

(Did you see when Sharon looked at the camera during both of the above videos?)

The two concerts in Amsterdam where really special, because Robert Westerholt (founder of the band, but has stepped out of the spotlight for now) was featured in the song Silver Moonlight!! It was a treat to get to see Robert live because he normally does not play with the band while they are touring.

Overall, not only did the second show lived up to every expectation I had after the first Amsterdam show, but it blew them out of the water!


I could not be happier or prouder to say that I was able to attend both finale shows of the Hydra World Tour.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I even got my poster I wanted (and I got it signed). And, all seven band members signed my limited edition Hydra box set!!! I just hope that I will be able to get all seven signatures on my Let us Burn DVD, the final product of the filming at both Amsterdam shows and the Elements concert.


A couple of hours after the show was over, I got to meet and take pictures with all the band members (except Ruud). Overall, it was an exhausting, exhilarating, unbelievable, unforgettable, and amazing weekend with Within Temptation!! I cannot wait for the next chance I will have to go to two Within Temptation concerts in a row again!


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