23rd in The City by the Bay with Danielle

While it did not measure up to my birthday the previous year in terms of superstar awesomeness, I was lucky enough to spend the weekend of my 23rd birthday with one of my very best friends: the beautiful, smart and talented Danielle. After a year of not seeing one of my very best friends from college, she drove all the way down from Portland, Oregon to come see me for my birthday weekend.




On August 16, 2014 we started a day long adventure with one of the most delicious high calorie options that is always a favorite of any Native Californian, In’n’Out!!! I ordered my usual order (a double double with animal style fries) and we rode off to the BART station.


When we arrived in San Francisco, we exited onto an ongoing arts festival. With local crafts and wine, it was a wonderful way to start an afternoon in The City by the Bay. Unusual to San Francisco, we got to enjoy bright sunny weather throughout the afternoon.


While catching up and trading stories, we made our way to San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf. Fisherman’s Wharf is dominated by all kinds of odd’s and ends shops selling anything from crystal to christmas ornaments, from left-handed tailored novelties to San Francisco souvenirs.

The Wharf is always packed with people, and the food is AMAZING!!!!! We were in a hurry to make it to the Castro to see the legendary Detox of Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 5 perform at The Stud Bar, so sadly, we did not make the time to stop to eat some of the best sea food in all of California.


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Instead, we stopped in the Castro at Burger King to sink our teeth into the Pride Whopper (with the Pride Crown)!!! Needless to say, it was delicious and not the best choice for dinner after In’n’Out for lunch, but I loved every bite!


We were happy that we did not end up eating at Fisherman’s Wharf because we slipped into the club just before they began charging cover. The Stud Bar itself seemed rather tame for a Saturday night. When we arrived we ordered at one of several bars in the club and made our way around the place. They had a charity coat check (which I thought was an awesome idea) where we hung my bag. The two main sections were comprised of an indoor area and an enclosed courtyard.


I was determined to get us posters for Detox to sign!! So as we enjoyed our drinks and conversation, I slowly peeled two signs off the wall that were not in direct view of any of the staff members. We were also able to see many of the amateur drag performers before their show (Detox was hosting an amatuer drag competition).


Finally at around 11:15 pm, Detox herself arrived and performed an opening number. We tried all night to stay close to the performance area, but as Murphy’s Law would have it, we were in the outdoor area when she began her performance indoors.


We did get our chance to meet her. We pushed our way up to the front after she was done performing and were able to catch her just as she was stepping off the stage to wait in the crowd until it was time to return to MC the Amateur Drag Show. She was SOO nice when we asked her if she would sign the posters I managed to wrangle for us. She did and she even put “Happy Birthday” on one of them for me!!!


We then proceeded to follow her outdoors away from the crowd surrounding the main stage. Detox is a wonderful entertainer when it comes to talking to the fans. Last year when I saw her on my birthday, she was one of the nicest queens. She is so genuine. It was great to get to ask her to take a picture.


After we talked to her, we decided that even though the night was young, we should get going. Dani had to drive back to Portland the next day (THANK YOU AGAIN FOR COMING DANIELLE), and we got to meet Detox. We made our way back through downtown San Francisco laughing about the most random things such as, “what do you call a forest yeti”? and the crazy antics in the club we had just left.


It was heart stopping when we descended the escalator back down onto the BART platform. A voice came on over the intercom advising all passengers returning to the East Bay (where we needed to go) to board this last train of the night. We thought the last train was going to leave and hour or more after we got to the BART station. With the train pulling up to the platform within seconds of our arrival at the station we came to the horrible conclusion that, if we had stayed even a minute longer or for the beginning of the Amatuer Drag Show, we would have missed the very last train!!!


But our luck ran out upon our return to the West Dublin Bart Station. The station straddles the 580 freeway, and we exited on the opposite side of the freeway from where we had parked the car!!!!!!!!! So we were stranded in the middle of the night with no phone signal and no way to get to our car other than walking for nearly two hours, getting lost multiple times and raiding the local Safeway for the most disgusting Hawaiian Roll Hamburger Buns I have EVER had in my LIFE!!!!!!


We made it back to Livermore out of steam and exhausted at around 4 am. We stopped by Jack and the Box for our final meal (my waist and arteries!!!!) before returning to the hotel where Dani was staying. We ate our dinners and I returned to my house.


Sadly, I said good-bye to one of my very best friends that next morning (four hours later) before she had to begin her 12 hour car ride back up to Portland. I cannot tell her thank you enough for coming all that way to see me. I hope to go visit her in Portland soon. Dani, I dedicate this post to you!!!!




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