London Film Festival Day 1

This is the first entry of what will be a series of successive posts chronicling my two years of study with the University of Kent in Canterbury, United Kingdom and Brussels, Belgium for a Master of Arts in International Conflict Analysis. I started my classes two weeks ago this Monday. I am a 23 year old American Male and experienced traveler. I will endeavor to experience as many new dishes and adventures to avoid the monotonous droning of a post-graduate! Carpe Diem

Today is Friday, October 10, 2014. My fiancé and I have taken the National Express bus service from Canterbury to London this morning and arrived an hour past noon. Shortly thereafter, we made our way to our accommodation at Primrose Hill, London, with the famous Camden Market sitting adjacent. You know you have entered a high class London neighborhood that play host to stars like Jude Law when you see a film set occupying a city block. I hope to add pictures tomorrow! 😉

After dropping off our luggage for the weekend, we made our way to London’s Camden Lock. Prior to exploring the main outdoor market, we perused the busy high street filled with great places for shopping ranging from Aldo and Urban Outfitters to local specialty shops. Luckily, we managed to duck out of a nasty London shower whilst buying some fashion forward shoes!

Camden Market itself was AMAZING!!!!


The plethora of shops, stalls, and foodstands was incredible. It is very easy to see why this neighborhood is the Number 4 biggest tourist attraction in London. The most memorable part of the market was the wide variety of global food choices! One has the option to try food from West Africa, Peru, South Africa, Ethiopia, India, Argentina, Poland, and from many many more different places. As a world capital, it came as no surprise that so many cuisines where there for the tasting!

While we arrived late in the day and had little time to do much more than quickly explore the market, it proved to be a spot worth returning to. Now it is time to settle in for the night and prepare for the opening movies of the BFI London Film Festival.


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