What I ordered: Chicken Fajitas

Date of meal: August 12, 2013


Price: pricey

Ease of Access: 😃

Proximity to other points of interest: 😃😃😃😃😃

It is on the very end of the Santa Monica Pier

Ambiance: 😃😃

Value for Money: 😃

Recommendation For:

I would not recommend Mariasol. First, the service time was awful. We went to the restaurant around noon on a Monday afternoon. We expected to be out by no later than 1:00 pm. Instead, we waited nearly an hour before they took our order. At first we tried to be understanding as a party with a handicapped person was seated adjacent to us.


However, this did not make up with having to wait more than 45 minutes to place an order. After our order had been placed we watched a party seated after us order and receive their food. And a couple of minutes after they received their food, the handicap party (also seated after us) got their food too. We waited (and I looked at my watch) nearly twenty more minutes –putting the time well past 1:00 pm– before we got our food.


When we got the food, the quality was terrible. Of the three people in our party, nobody was satisfied with the meal they had ordered (an hour and fifteen minutes before). We suspect that it was because we were a young group and we had ordered water (instead of a high calorie drink).


The wait staff was not polite with their service and we were barely acknowledged by our waitress. All in all, it was one of the very worst restaurant experiences I have ever had, despite the fact that we were sitting on the end of a beautiful pier in Los Angeles, California.


At the end, I tipped the waitress a single dollar for a $50 meal (I paid the whole tab). I regretted tipping her a dollar and wished I had tipped her $.99 instead to show her how displeased we were with the service.




*all ratings are out of five!!!


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