The First Paper and Birthday Party of the Term!!!

I am writing this post on November 16, 2014 to cover my activities of the first half of this month. Time has really flown for me, and sadly it was not due to an excess of travel.

Instead, I have been mostly confined to the indoors to write a series of papers and articles #studentlife.

One really cool thing has been getting to experience the fall set in here in little Canterbury. The leaves are changing to the most gorgeous array of orange, red, yellow, and brown. I am quite excited by the prospect that Christmas time is beginning to settle in (as there is no Thanksgiving in England).

Despite the beginnings of the Christmas cheer, I think I will bring a little bit of American thanksgiving into the lives of my housemates (if I can find a turkey for sale somewhere in Canterbury!!!).

The weather is quite bipolar. On my way to the library tonight, it was raining despite the nice sun we enjoyed the day before. And that uncertainty also applies to the temperature. Some days it is so COLD already, and others it becomes quite moderate again.

On the fun side of things, my Canterbury friends are beginning to have birthdays. Earlier this week, I went to the party of my friend Pauline. We played Kings Cup by the most interesting compromise of rules I have ever played by. After some jello shots, cider, and fun, we made our way over to one of the dining commons on campus that transforms into a club at night. We danced the night away until the lights came on at about 1:00 am

In more fun news, I have also set up several social media accounts associated with this blog. Please check them out: twitter, instagram, and google+


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