Christmas has come to Canterbury

As of Saturday November 22, 2014, Christmas officially arrived in Canterbury. Being American, Christamas season had always traditionally started on Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving (click here to read about my International Thanksgiving in England this year). Commercially, it has progressivly started earlier and earlier each year. I swear Christmas music will be playing in retail stores and Christmas things will be for sale by my birthday in early August before I am 40.


Anyways, back to Christmas in Canterbury. My fiancée and I went down town to see the first of the Christmas fairs that have been advertised on the internet and on the busses in Canterbury. It is so much fun to step into all of the little craft fairs because you never know what exciting goodie or treat you might find! My financée found a great gift to give to his mother, and while I did not find anything worth buying -this time- I am sure at the next round of fairs I will find lots of great knick knacks to send back to the folks in California.


After we had finished at the christmas fairs, we proceeded to make our way back up the main street towards the Christmas Market that had begun that weekend. But before we could make it halfway down the street, we stopped to watch this great local dance troupe performing traditional English dancing.

I had taken a half-years worth of Scottish dancing back when I was in high school, so it was really grand to see some people perform similar dance here in the UK.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We also stopped at a little vintage fair that happens every two weeks or so.


We finally made it up to the Christmas Market.


Even though it was small and a bit lacking after the great Weihnachtsmarkts last year in Germany, it was still a great way to hearld the beginning of this year’s holiday season!



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