7 Things to do in Canterbury in the Week Before Christmas

With just a week until Christmas day, I decided to create a list of “7 Things to do in Canterbury Before Christmas”. Here are seven suggestions for you! You can do one a day, or several in one day! Enjoy!!


1. Enjoy a glass of Mulled Wine at the Canterbury Christmas Market

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#Magic at the #Canterbury #Christmas market!

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One of the best ways to enjoy the Christmas season is with a glass of mulled wine! It is really relaxing and cozy to take a break from shopping all of the unique delights of the Canterbury Christmas Market with a hot glass of mulled wine! Take a minute, enjoy, and move on to the ugly christmas sweater stand to buy the perfect sweater for you or for someone who you wish to surprise in the most festive way!

2. Try the Christmas Cider at a Pub!


IMG_0479If mulled wine is not your thing, you could pop over to a number of Canterbury’s lovely pubs for a winter cider. A couple of my favorite spots are the Black Griffin and Lady Luck (the homemade pie from above is from the Lady Luck). The winter cider can be served hot or cold, and makes for a great conversation setting. Like the summer cider, the winter cider can easily go from being a one pint drink, to enjoying several before going out or enjoying a cozy movie at home with one you love!


3. Stop by one of the many Charity Shoppes and Thrift Stores to finalize your Christmas Shopping

Photo Credit: localdatasearch.com

Photo Credit: localdatasearch.com

While major retailers like H&M, Primark, and Topshop are popular stops for many Christmas gifts, don’t forget to take a swing by the many charity shops sprinkled around Canterbury. Not only are the prices low and the items one-of-a-kind, but at many shops, your money will go towards helping others in need. For instance, at the Children’s Trust shop, your purchase will help children with disabilities and complex health needs. I bought my Christmas cards there this year! No Christmas shopping is complete until you buy a truly special Christmas gift that helps others!


4. Attend a Service at the Canterbury Cathedral

As the most iconic symbol of Canterbury, it goes without question that no Canterbury countdown would be complete without mention to the Canterbury Cathedral. Even if you are not a Christian, it is still something special to bear witness to the telling of the Christmas story in such an ornate and beautiful building. The cultural experience of the service is something special that can be appreciated by both Christians and non-Christians alike.


5. See a movie at the Curzon Cinema

Photo credit: canterburytimes.co.uk

Canterbury boast’s a new cinema, the Curzon. It is off of one of the side streets and it provides a cozy environment to enjoy a Christmas movie. For instance, they are currently running, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life‘. The reception room at the cinema is posh, elegant, and homey! A perfect combination for enjoying the afternoon!


6. Enjoy a traditional British Pasty

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That olde #English #Christmas feeling.

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Another warm way to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere is to step into West Cornwall Pasty Co and enjoy a delicious pasty. A warm, flakey and hearty way to satisfy your appetite during your Christmas shopping, stepping into West Cornwall Pasty Co feels like settling into a traditional English eatery. They even have a “Christmas Pasty”.


7. Enjoy a Christmas Stroll through Westgate Park


After a lovely afternoon Christmas tea, a walk through Westgate Park will prove to be most enchanting. The park itself is a blend of medieval England and a modern city park. it is enclosed by the old city wall on one side, and plays host to a number of monuments.


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