Top 15 Travel Wishes for 2015

Living in South East England is a great advantage for an American expat who loves to travel. I am within an hours train ride of London, and from there, within an hour or two flying time away from many great destinations across Europe. And with the Pound being worth more than the Euro, many doors are opened for budget traveling and saving even more money. With 2015 ahead, here is my list of top 15 new travel destinations for 2015. Make sure you follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+ to read up on it as I visit as many of these places as possible this year! To catch the highlights of last year, click here!

Bangkok, Thailand

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Bath, United Kingdom

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Cairo, Egypt

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Disneyland Paris, France

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Dublin, Ireland

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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Haugesund and Utsira, Norway

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Istanbul, Turkey

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Mykonos, Greece

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Nice, France

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Reykjavik, Iceland

Stonehenge, United Kingdom

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Valencia, Spain

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Vienna Christmas Market, Austria

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One thought on “Top 15 Travel Wishes for 2015

  1. Great list and travelled to most. Bangkok, amazing. Valencia, a pleasant suprise 😃. Happy travels and look forward too reading about your adventures. Dan @ Octopoda

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